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My Advice To Freshmen

Liam Parry

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My Advice to Freshmen would be the same as nearly every student that graduated from Heelan. Do everything you have the opportunity to do. Play the sport that you’ve always wanted to play. Go to the football games on Friday nights, even if you don’t really enjoy the sport. Ask new people to hangout often, you’ll be surprised who you are friends with by senior year. Make sure you keep your grades up to ensure you can pursue any direction you choose post-high school. Don’t let grade level exclude people from being your friends. Enjoy your lunch, and always take a study hall to have extra times to work and take a break if you need it. Don’t worry about attempting to please everyone, just yourself and those close to you. Most of all, have fun! You only have 4 years of Heelan, enjoy every bit of it. Every former Heelan student wishes they could go back at some point. Don’t let it pass too fast and be glad to have the new building.


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My Advice To Freshmen