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Freshman Advice

Libbe Janney

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Freshman year is where everything starts. The year you are able to feel like you are starting to grow up. You finally get to stand in the student section and go along with the theme.  You start feeling like an adult and are able to stay driving. It’s the year you are able to go to your very first high school dance. Lots of people always say they wish they would’ve tried harder their senior year. Your grades matter throughout your whole high school career. You get in this mood where you don’t want to do anything and procrastinate your way through it. DON’T be that person because you will regret it later on. Get involved in school activities, sports, clubs, etc. High school is the time to try out new things. Have fun with your class and get involved. Try something you never would’ve thought you liked. Go support your school teams and cheer them on. Freshman actually cheer! You will make the seniors like you a lot if you actually participate in the student section.  Freshman year can make you pretty busy, plus everything you have outside of school. Don’t be afraid to branch out and make new friends. You will end up meeting friends that will last a life time, although you probably won’t leave Heelan with the same people you started with. Respect your upperclassmen and they will respect you. If you stay out of their way everything will be okay. Enjoy your high school life, because I promise you it flies by. Don’t rush for it to be over, enjoy the time that you have.

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Freshman Advice