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Claire Doing Advice, What`s New?

Claire McElroy

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Apperently since I have been going to Heelan for four years, I should have some advice for the underclassmen. I have some small words of advice. Be kind to everyone. You never know what someone is going through outside of school, so just smile and be kind to everyone. Try new things. It cannot hurt to try a new sport or join show choir. Who knows, you might actually like it! Surprise! I tried many things, but I can tell you that I definitely did not try everything I wanted to and I regret that. Go outside your comfort zone. Its okay to find new friends. It`s okay to move outside of your normal friend group. I made so many new friends this year that I wish I would have made sooner. I know that you are reading this and are probably saying "Yep. Everyone has already told me this". I thought the same thing, but now I know that they were right. I wish I would have listened sooner and acted on it. Most of all, have fun. Make fun wherever you are. Be safe, but have fun!

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Claire Doing Advice, What`s New?