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New Building

Daniel Baker

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Heelan high school has completed a new building on which construction began in early 2012. The new school is an important addition for Heelan. The building itself is very different from the old building in design and functionality and it represents a continuation of Heelan’s legacy in Sioux City.
The New Heelan is a two-story building with a square shape with rooms on both the interior and exterior of the building. The old Heelan’s layout was very different from this; it was a four-story building with long halls that had rooms on either side of it that all had exterior walls and windows. The new building has a bathroom at both ends of the hall that have both restrooms for both boys and girls these are also the only areas you will find drinking fountains. The old building in comparison had had bathrooms on the third and first floor for boys and bathrooms on the fourth and first and all the drinking fountains were spread across the entire building. The biggest difference between the two buildings is the fact that the new building is handicap accessible while the old building was not, some of the ways the new building is handicap accessible are the elevator in the school and wider hallways that can fit more kids.
Heelan high school has been a very important part of the Sioux City schooling system since 1949 when it was founded. The building itself has had many different classes go through it bringing new generations of kids out to experience the new world. The fact that there is a new building for Heelan is very important to keep it up to date with all the newer public schools. This change is also very important because it could be a draw for new students to enroll at Heelan now that it  can better compete with the other schools in terms of functionality.
While Heelan is not as large compared to its public-school competitors, it offers a tight-knit, family-like community with a focus on love and service. Generations of families continue to send their children to Heelan to be a part of this special family. The New building is a stepping stone in the right direction for Heelan and the fact that the building itself has better functionality and continues Heelan’s legacy,  will ultimately help Heelan continue to grow.

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New Building