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Student Council President

Libbe Janney

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Last week was the start of the Student Council President election. This year we have four students who are competing for President. Our candidates are Tanner Beaulieu, Andrew Linden, Ben Payer, and Mary Volz. They all have been on Student Council since they were freshman. Tanner, brought in something everyday for his fellow students. He brought candy bars, popcorn, airheads, pins and stickers in with his picture on it. Andrew brought in pins with his picture on it and cookies during lunch. Ben Payer brought in smarties, popcorn and stickers. Mary Volz brought cookies, blow pops and stickers. These candidates brought in things to campaign against one another and get people votes. On May 3, 2016 the candidates each had to write a speech and talk about why they wanted to be president and what they were going to do if they became president. We were able to watch the videos that they made on May 10th. Each candidate had there own thing they wanted to try and change. They knew they had to choose something that would be most likely to change. For instance they knew they wouldn’t be able to change the fact that we don’t have air because we know they wouldn’t be able to change that. Voting took place on May 10th during Crusader time. We will find out who President and Vice president are at the end of the day on May 11th.

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Student Council President