Homecoming Court

Heelans homecoming is right around the corner. One thing that can not be forgotten in this week is Homecoming Royalty, which were announced on September 3rd. The following students were nominated: Andy Stubblefield son of Julie and Al Stubblefield.... READ MORE »»

Heelan Homecoming Festivities

Homecoming week is right around the corner and this year it is filled with new and exciting activities. The theme was recently announced as “Netflix” and will have many creative festivities in store for the Heelan students and community.... READ MORE »»

Heelan High School English Teacher Honored With “Excellence In Education” Award

 Bishop Heelan High School English teacher Pat Sitzman will receive the “Excellence in Education” award, which she just recently learned about at the Heelan High School mass in the new auditorium on Tuesday. Sitzman will be receiving... READ MORE »»

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

If someone were to approach a high school student and ask if he or she has ever cheated on an assignment or test before, the answer would more than likely be a casual ,”yes.” Cheating is done commonly and frequently on a daily basis,... READ MORE »»

Lunch Time Solutions?

See what I did there with the title? On Wednesday the 22nd, Lunch Time Solutions held their annual review meeting. If you do not already know, Lunch Time Solutions is the company that provides Heelan with our meals. The meeting was to discuss... READ MORE »»


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