You Can’t Take It With You

Heelan christened the new fine arts building with  a performance of You Can’t Take It With You. Thursday night was opening night, and despite sharing it with the football game upwards of 70 people attended. Friday night was even bigger... READ MORE »»

How Can You Honor Veterans?

Today, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day, in which we remember the service and lives of those who served in the Military to fight for America. Whether or not people realize it, veterans have changed and impacted America’s way of life... READ MORE »»

Senior Retreat: Destination Winnebago

 This past Tuesday and Wednesday were the two days that the class of 2015 at Bishop Heelan High School went on the Senior Retreat that every senior class takes each year. The student retreats consists of a trip to Boy’s Town in Omaha... READ MORE »»


Ebola is sweeping across the nation and the world. It seems to be impossible to stop it so far but there is one way to stop Ebola. The United States Military. They can fight this disease with all of their might. If the citizens of our amazing... READ MORE »»

Homecoming Court

Heelans homecoming is right around the corner. One thing that can not be forgotten in this week is Homecoming Royalty, which were announced on September 3rd. The following students were nominated: Andy Stubblefield son of Julie and Al Stubblefield.... READ MORE »»


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